KTUB's New Tech Room!

The KTUB Tech Lab is a drop-in center where kids and young adults can use top of the line equipment to explore the exciting world of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D Modeling, and graphic design.

For all questions and inquiries regarding the KTUB tech lab, email Cameron Jensen at cameronjensen@seattleymca.org


Creative Coding Workshops

A playful, collaborative, and open ended introduction to all the creative projects you can create with our cutting edge technology!

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Programming With Circuit Playground Express

Drop in whenever you want and learn how to create magic wands, games and even your very own keyboard using our circuit boards! The sky is the limit as to what you can do, and by following along our easy to use guides, you can go from beginner to pro in no time at all!


Creative Coding Workshops

Play with something new and exciting each week! In this program we will explore all types of cutting edge technology ranging from Snapchat filters to creating your very own smart devices! This program will run 6 weeks and each week will touch on a new topic

Week 1: Making our own Snapchat filters

Week 2: Making code come to life with Circuit Playground Express

Week 3: Image Recognition and Augmented Reality Basics

Week 4: Basic 3D Modeling in Blender

Week 5: Creating Smart Devices with Raspberry Pi

Week 6: Digital Art with Openframeworks

VR Development with Google Cardboard

In this program students will learn to build and program their own Virtual Reality game to play with Google Cardboard! This course focuses on teaching Unity to people who have no experience with Unity or game engines! By the end of this program you will learn the Unity user interface, how to manipulate game objects and basic C# programming. In this program we will create our own Virtual Reality world! Start days and times will be announced soon!

To keep up to date on this program, please fill out our interest form! https://goo.gl/forms/bY4rllzulel8aReB2

Graphic Design in Photoshop

In this program students will learn to use Adobe Photoshop image editing software to create their own designs and edit their own photos! Photoshop is an industry standard software used by graphic designers, architects, publishers and professional photographers. In this program students will learn to navigate the user interface, make selective adjustments to images, learn to color correct images and become familiar with image layers. Along with this, students will learn to add image effects, filters, import custom brushes and fonts to customize their work and make it their own! Start days and times will be announced soon!

Made with Blender

In this program students will use Blender 3D modeling software to create their own digital worlds! Blender is a fantastic, free 3D modeling software used to create stunning and professional 3D effects in movies, games and graphics. Throughout this course students will get familiar and comfortable with the user interface, learn to select and manipulate objects and create full scale 3D models from scratch. Along with modeling, students will also learn how to apply different materials and textures to models to give their worlds a greater sense of depth and realism. Students will also learn to animate scenes with basic keyframe animation and find out how to import professional motion capture animation to bring characters to life! Start days and times will be announced soon!