Y.E.S. Counselor //  Tyrell Edwards

Ty has an extensive past of working with youth to reach their full potential through relationship building, support, and encouragement. Ty also loves to explore the PNW, hang with friends, and is an amazing piano player. Drop-in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday to have a hear him play and hang with Ty!

Program Director // Antione Jackson

Antione has long history and passion for the creative arts. With a Bachelors in film/music production, he's a film fanatic who loves to share his passions for film, gaming, creative writing and sound design with youth in hopes to spark their creative mojo. Antione has also been a youth basketball coach and youth mentor for a number of years. He loves the outdoors and any physical activity that will challenge him physically and mentally.

Counselor //  Malia Villani

Eastside native who enjoys venturing out and exploring the world with her bearded dragon, Norbert. They are well known for their love of music and involvement in the local Seattle scene.