This year KTUB has joined the Rock the Vote campaign to support our youth in exploring the inner workings of our government, learning how to register and getting active in our community.  This includes workshops and tours of our local federal buildings, hosting voter registrations and a mock election.  

Mark your calendar

Thursday, November 3rd

For our 1st Annual Youth Presidential Election in partnership with the Bellevue Family Y, Rock the Vote and other non-profit organizations.  Results of the Youth Presidential Election will be released during Friday Feed on November 4th. 

Voter registration forms available in the Y.I. Tech Lab & Career Center


Why should I register?
You can’t vote if you don’t register. Most states have voter registration deadlines that occur long before Election Day. So even if you haven’t decided whom you’re voting for or even IF you’re voting, you should register now so you will be able to vote on Election Day. 

Why should I vote?
Great question! There are many reasons why a person votes and yours may be different from anyone else’s, but voting is an essential part of our democracy. We elect representatives to enact laws on our behalf and the only way to voice who represents you is to cast a ballot. Also many issues come up on the ballot that you are allowed to directly vote on like the freedom to marry, how much you pay in taxes, where they put a landfill or build a stadium.

When Do I Vote?
Elections happen all the time. You know the big one- the Presidential happens every 4 years. There are midterms elections too. And even more happening at the state, county and city level. (Think Governor, Sherriff, or Mayor) Check out center to find out what’s happening in your area.

I don’t believe in voting.
Everyone is entitled to his or her opinions and beliefs. I would encourage you to vote based on the issues you care about and think about how casting a ballot might change that.

What address do I use?
In general, you should use the address where you reside and intend to vote. For more information check out and click on your state.

Where Do I vote?
Where you vote depends on where you live. It’s best to check with your state’s election office. Check out Rock the Vote’s
Election Center to contact your state election office.

Who’s on the Ballot?
Ballots vary by location. Be sure to check out Rock the Vote’s
Election Center to view a sample ballot or contact your local officials for more information.

Does my vote even count?
Yes! It may sound cliché but every vote matters. In many elections, the outcome was decided by a solitary vote. YOU could be the difference. Think of it this way: he only vote that doesn’t matter is the one that was never cast.