I have access to a computer / laptop at home
I have internet access at home
What days do you visit KTUB
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What space at KTUB do you use most often? *
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How often do you visit KTUB's website (www.ymcaktub.org) and / or Facebook page ?
How did you hear about KTUB? *
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What programs are you involved at KTUB?
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What new programs would you like to see at KTUB?
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I use equipment at KTUB (computer, cameras, tutoring, art supplies) to complete academic work
I use computers at KTUB for:
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I have attended Field Trips with KTUB
My fields of interest include:
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Do you feel supported by the staff at KTUB? *
Are KTUB staff welcoming and friendly ?
I am aware of the Youth East Side Services (counseling) offices in the building